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HiLo premierack

Hilo Racking

Hilo racking, also known as HiLo shelving, is a type of storage system designed to optimise vertical space utilisation in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. The term "HiLo" refers to the concept of high-density, low-profile storage, where goods are stored vertically to maximise storage capacity while minimising the footprint on the ground.

Key Features of Hilo Racking

Vertical Storage

Hilo racking systems utilise the vertical height of a facility to store goods, typically with multiple levels of shelves accessed by ladders or order-picking equipment.

Customisable Racking

Hilo racking can be configured to accommodate various types of goods, including palletized loads, cartons, bins, or individual items.

Compact Design

Hilo racking allows for efficient use of vertical space, making it ideal for warehouses with limited floor space seeking to increase storage capacity.

Multiple Options

Hilo storage racking offers various applications to maximise storage and racking requirements. Systems on offer include narrow aisle racking, very narrow aisle racking and multiple level shelving.


Despite storing items vertically, Hilo racking ensures accessibility through the use of ladders, order pickers, or automated retrieval systems to reach upper levels.

Safety Features

Hilo racking systems are designed with safety in mind, incorporating features such as guardrails, safety gates, and anti-collapse mesh to protect workers and stored goods.

Types of Hilo Warehouse Racking

This type of Hilo racking uses narrow aisles and specialised equipment (such as turret trucks or man-up trucks) to access goods stored at height efficiently.

VNA racking systems are even more space-efficient, utilising very narrow aisles and specialised equipment to maximise storage density.

Hilo racking can include multi-level shelving systems with integrated mezzanine floors or raised platforms to create additional storage levels within the same space.

Benefits of Hilo Racking Systems

Why Choose Hilo Racking from CSS Storage Solutions?

CSS Storage Solutions specialises in providing customised Hilo racking solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. When you choose Hilo racking from CSS Storage Solutions, you benefit from:

Expert Consultation

Our team of storage experts can assess your warehouse layout and requirements to recommend the most suitable Hilo racking system.

If you're interested in maximising storage capacity and efficiency with Hilo racking, contact CSS Storage Solutions today to explore our Hilo racking solutions and how they can benefit your warehouse or facility.

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