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Plastic Products

Plastic Products

CSS Storage Solutions Ltd can provide a wide range of plastic storage bins and containers in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Ideal for those small items that need an organisational place that aren’t quiet compatible with standard racking systems, to the larger items that require more appropriate storage or even colour coded storage use.

We are also able to provide robust plastic pallets and pallet boxes that are compatible with standard pallet racking systems also in a variety of sizes and colours.

CSS recommends its plastic storage bins to meet the requirements of your items, whether it is in the warehouse or even in your office or van.

- Our maxi bins can be located on shelves in your warehouse.

- Ideal for stores facility.

- Can be wall-mounted, rack-mounted or hung from louvered panels.

- Can be suitable for picking operations.

- To the larger wheelie bin/floor stored plastic containers.

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