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Mobile, Static & Heavy Duty Shelving

Mobile, Static & Heavy Duty Shelving

This shelving system is designed, delivered and installed to make the most of any office storage space. The mobile system with a shelving system fixed to it, moves along tracks laid and levelled onto a floor, by the use of a handwheel, electric push button or pull along handle. Unlike traditional static shelving, where you would have an aisle either side of the bays of shelving, with a mobile system, only one access aisle is needed. The mobile rolling storage units can be moved singularly or together, generating an aisle as and where it is required.

The beauty of this product is as your business grows, the mobile system can grow with, making your office environment more productive without taking on or taking over more expensive floor space.

Like our Mobile shelving range is supplied in various widths and depths to suit particular applications from the office environment through to the heavier requirements of industrial applications, like our heavy duty shelving. Our Static Shelving is generally on clips and is easily adjustable to accept all types of media, we can supply in a range of finishes and colours to suit all environments.

Our standard upright can be used for the simplest bay design, providing an inexpensive fast-build storage facility. It can also be used within much larger schemes including multi-tier structures. Its versatile nature means it can be incorporated into a broad spectrum of storage applications, from simple hand-loaded systems through to sophisticated order-picking systems. Steel panels, chipboard decks, mesh panels, garment hanging rails. Whatever the option, our beamed shelving will support the solution.

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