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Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor

If your business is struggling for space, an option to consider is a mezzanine floor. Many people are confused about exactly what this kind of structure is and how it can work for your organisation At CSS Storage Solutions Ltd, we specialise in the creation and installation of versatile mezzanine floors. CSS Storage’s product can be installed easily and efficiently into almost any working space, including retail, production studios, manufacturing facilities, warehouses or offices.

The additional space allows you to massively expand your floor space and business capacity at the fraction of the price it would cost to build or lease in a new location. Regardless of size, we can produce a mezzanine with the right kind of finish to suit your business. CSS Storage can make a floor starting at 20 square meters to many thousands of meters, and we offer a number of types of finishes.

All floors are designed with CAD but overseen by qualified professionals who will ensure your needs and custom requirements are fully integrated. For example, if you require a staircase, pallet gate, hand rail, elevator, disability access, secure storage or other facilities, we work to ensure these are included. Our design team can also facilitate the more specialised staircases and handrails if required.

Different types of design and construction are available, but whatever selection you make, we work to the highest standard for design and installation, with even our lower cost options offering high-quality. You may think that the installation of a mezzanine floor will be incredibly disruptive to your operations, but we work closely with you to minimise disruption and ensure that the work is done smoothly and with the greatest possible ease. If you are not sure if you want a full mezzanine floor, don’t worry. There are alternatives, such as storage platforms, multi-level installations and mezzanine fireproof vaults.

All the mezzanine floors designed and constructed by CSS Storage Solutions Ltd are fully compliant with British Standards for Design of Structural Steelwork. They also follow SEMA and DETR-approved guidelines with all our floors meeting the Fire Precautions Act. In addition to complying with these standards we ensure your facility has a full safety inspection prior to handing back to you.

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